Thank you for taking the time to visit the new Help Fix My, an old website that takes a fresh approach to helping you repay debt and get ahead financially. If you visited our site before June 1, 2011, you will have surely noticed some big changes. Put plainly, we have re-branded Help Fix My into a personal finance information powerhouse. Here are the three major changes that you will notice here:

The first is that this website is no longer a “sales page,” loaded with hype and grand promises that will eliminate your debt if you use a specific debt-repayment program. Instead, our personal financial information website will discuss various debt repayment methods that you can choose from to suit your specific debt-repayment needs. Simply scroll along the menu to the various Debt Advice sections… the different debt repayment methods are itemized there and will make a whole lot more sense now.

The second major change is that Help Fix My has taken on a holistic role when it comes to your personal finances. That’s right, personal finance is not only about repaying debt. It involves several “quadrants” as we refer to them. As an information-based website, we publish Personal Finance Education material that covers those four personal finance quadrants. These quadrants are Debt Advice, Insurance Advice, Personal Investments (Investing Advice), and Banking. This not only allows us to appeal to a broader audience, but it allows us to grow with our visitors, regardless of what their immediate personal finance needs or curiosities might be.

The shift in our website’s approach allows us to truly help you find multiple ways to be successful not only with how you repay debt, but how you handle all of your finances. Personal Finance PieWe sincerely hope that we can play a helpful role and encourage you to communicate with us when we do not.

The third big change is that we now strongly encourage our visitors to come back often. We update the content on our pages very frequently with different tips and essential pieces of information that can help you achieve your financial goals. And best of all, the premium-quality information that we previously charged our visitors to access is now entirely free. The only thing we want in return is for you to let your friends know about our website by bookmarking our site or using the Social Media tools (Add This) that are located on every post.

To reach us, you can either send us an email as outlined in our Contact Us page, or you can Leave a Comment in any of the relevant posts. While our intention is to provide information in only the most easily understood way possible, we realize that sometimes our way of explaining complicated concepts may not work well for everyone. So don’t be shy, ask your questions and leave your comments, we will respond (just give us a couple of business days).

Lastly, thank you for coming to our site. We are very proud of the changes we have made and trust that with time you will see just how valuable the information presented here can be to your personal financial success.


Alternate Use For The Debt Service Method

As a more advanced debt repayment strategy, the debt service method of repayment has been previously viewed as a tactic to free up cash flow. Of course, achieving a better cash flow position is something most people struggle with their entire lives. But what happens if here is no way to capitalize on available equity [...]

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Russ Whitney System – An Income or Growth Approach?

Pursuant to the post on the different asset classes, it is worth exploring some of the most common ways that people generate wealth. One of the common strategies that have been pushed by many “get rich quick” gurus or “wealth builder” type of individuals that you will find on late night television is this concept [...]

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The Different Asset Classes

One easy way to simplify the investment process is to look at it more as where and how you will generate wealth. There are many different ways to generate wealth of course, but when you are investing, there are just two very basic ways to make money. The first is through income and the second [...]

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Credit Cards And Their Role In Transactional Banking

Transactional banking encompasses that entire area where people spend their money on goods and services. This can happen for large purchases or small purchases, but generally speaking it is considered “everyday spending.” This may included buying groceries, putting gasoline in your vehicle, paying for lunch, filling prescription drugs and so on; ultimately everything you will [...]

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Importance of Bank Accounts – Analyzing The Options

Bank accounts represent the very essence of personal finances. It is the one area we tend to touch on a daily basis, as this is where we deposit our paychecks and gifts, where we take money from, where we pay our bills from, where many of our pre-authorized payments come from and so on. Without [...]

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What is Consumer Credit Debt and Why Is It Bad?

Just like the saying “Saturated Fats” has made dieters cringe, the idea of “Consumer Credit Debt” has been a big cause for cringing for those who carry the debt, the advisors who try to help them and the bankruptcy professionals who help them with their bankruptcy proposal. The reason why consumer credit debt is so [...]

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How To Invest – A Beginner’s Guide to Investing

As a brief beginners guide to investing, this section should hopefully help people who want to start investing learn a thing or two about the fundamentals behind this often complicated and eccentric process. At the same time, this area of your personal finances could be the most exciting and nail-biting of all of them. So [...]

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Paying Student Loans

Student loans are an unfortunate reality because it puts graduates immediately in a negative net worth situation. However, more important than those loans is the education, career skills and marketability of the education that these loans facilitate. For students have taken out student loans, there is a “grace period,” but once that period ends, it [...]

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Unsecured Consolidation Loans

Here, we will look specifically at consumer credit consolidation loans, which are unsecured, meaning there is no or little security that will help reduce the rate and improve your chances for approval. Because we are looking at unsecured consolidation loans, there is substantial risk to the lender – they have no security, lien, collateral, or [...]

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Debtors Anonymous Looks At Debt As an Addiction

It stands to reason that Debtors Anonymous takes an addiction-based approach to helping people. Their method is based on a proven system by one of the most highly recognized group-self-help organizations in the world – Alcoholics Anonymous. And yes, they have a 12-step program and pair debtors up with sponsors and so forth. But what [...]

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Home Mortgage Loans – Good or Bad Debt?

Arguably the biggest debt that most people incur over the course of their financial lives is a home mortgage loan. As their name suggests, a home mortgage loan is a loan you get from a lender for the purpose of buying a property or, in some cases, refinancing that property so that you can borrow [...]

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Straight Debt Repayment Method

As a way to repay debt, one of the least successful strategies is the straight debt repayment program. This strategy will appeal to individuals who probably do not have a cash flow problem or even a real debt problem, but who simply want to get away from paying interest on money they have borrowed. In [...]

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Debt Service Method of Debt Repayment

For individuals who have decided to repay debt in order to improve cash flow, there is a very different strategy to employ than the Debt Snowball Method or straight debt repayment program. With debt repayment as a way to free up cash flow, the main area to target is the monthly payments. This may conflict [...]

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Debt Snowball Method of Debt Repayment

If you want to repay debt because it stresses you, then it makes sense to come up with a plan. In all likelihood, you may have already put a plan together – multiple times even – only to find that you gave up for a variety of reasons and now you find yourself no farther [...]

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Debtors Anonymous: What Kind of Debtor Are YOU?

There are three categories of people who want to repay debt. As you might imagine, their motives for repaying will differ greatly. These motives ultimately need to align with the debt repayment plan chosen in order for people to be successful with this huge financial goal. Here is what we know about programs or plans [...]

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